Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

2.2.14 Android 5.1 and later
evaluation 15 | 3.6
Gas game and you have to solve the mystery of the disappearance of all the inhabitants of the city

Download tiny room stories town mystery apk game, with a direct link, a wonderful puzzle and adventure game in a new form and fully 3D models, with professional designs and a very exciting story. The game was first released on June 19, 2019 by Vasily Povalyae, and it is an interesting work of art with a lot of creativity in the style of puzzles and adventure games in an interactive miniature world filled with many puzzles in the framework of a detective story with exciting and unexpected events.

Download tiny room stories town mystery apk with a direct link for free

Download Tiny Room, a puzzle game with a unique style; It has a great gaming experience suitable for touch screens, with beautiful stereoscopic graphics techniques, and an attractive and exciting story.

The player will take on the role of a private investigator who investigates the mysterious disappearance of his parents and all the townspeople. In this tiny room apk mod you will move around many parts of the city; To investigate the disappearance of everyone, to obtain various clues and hidden objects, and to solve the puzzles that will meet you, which you may find sometimes very difficult.

Tiny room stories town mystery mod apk is built with fully 3D modeling. The gameplay environments are depicted as a fully 3D stereoscopic mini-cube platform, representing small rooms.

You have to rotate the rooms in all corners and find all the hidden items, discover clues and solve puzzles in different locations.

tiny rooms game is a mysterious story game with an exciting and entertaining style that motivates you to keep playing. If you are a fan of puzzle games and adventure games, but you are tired of the usual traditional style, then you should download the tiny room game, and enjoy the game of puzzles and adventures with a unique and exciting style.

tiny room game 2 apk has been released for many platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. In addition to the possibility of downloading it to computers, tiny room stories town mystery pc download.

You can download the tiny room free apk game for Android with a free copy from the direct link above the article. The Small Room Stories game is suitable for various Android devices and phones.

The Little Room Stories game is divided into three chapters, the first chapter of which you can play for free.

You can then unlock the other chapters and get the tiny room apk full game for a fee, but completing the first chapter alone can be a very interesting experience.

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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery The best puzzle and adventure game

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery has won many awards as the best puzzle and adventure game:

  • Best Indie Game – Google Play 2019
  • Best Mobile Game – Indie Prize
  • Best Mobile Game Award – DevGAMM’2019
  • Best Mobile Game – GTP Indie Cup W’19
  • TOP 20
  • – Google Play Independent Games Gallery
  • Best Indie Game (Nominee) – DevGAMM’2019
  • Excellence in Game Design (Nominee) – DevGAMM’2019

tiny room stories town mystery walkthrough game story and gameplay techniques

The Little Room Stories game takes place in the small town of Redcliff. My father, the protagonist of the game, was living in peace with the rest of the residents, but suddenly everyone disappears. You have to help the detective search for clues and find out the cause of the disappearance by advancing through the tiny room chapter.

Tiny room solver depends on your detective skills exploring tiny rooms in many locations. Also, you have to find many clues and hidden objects; To help you solve puzzles and open locks to advance your investigation in many classic quests.

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The gameplay of the tiny room season versions of the game

The gameplay in tiny rooms apk is based on clicking on items to interact with them, whether opening, closing, moving or adding them to your wallet. Slide your finger on the screen from left to right at the bottom of the screen to move the image and change viewing angles.

In Town Mystery you will search many different locations such as your parents house, city bank or catacombs across three consecutive chapters of tiny room game 2 apk.

You have to sort the lockers, turn on the lights, pick up keys and other things and keep them for later use. You’ll interact with objects while investigating by rotating the camera by swiping on the screen, then tapping the object to enlarge it and manipulating it by tapping. Also, you can press the back button to return the image to normal in tiny room mod apk.

Some rooms in Tiny Room Stories do not have full 360-degree rotation capabilities. Also, sometimes you will need to tap or hover over things more than once to avoid entering the entrance or touching the wrong thing.

Tiny Rooms game gives you directions to help you, but they are not detailed. You can also watch an ad, then get a tiny room stories walkthrough; To show you the solution of some puzzles.

Download tiny room stories town mystery apk and have fun playing detective. Use your detective skills to explore the dark secret and intriguing story behind the disappearance of the townspeople.

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