Tomb of the Mask

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Tomb of the Mask

1.9.0 Android 5.1 and later
evaluation 6 | 2.8
Vertical maze game that you have to get out of

Tomb of the Mask is an outstanding action-packed mobile game with completely different gameplay developed by Playgendary Limited.

It is planned in the pixel style game that players will enter a tomb that is completely designed in the form of a maze and the main task is to collect small yellow dots and coins on the way to discover that maze

It is also one of the distinctive things in the game Tomb of the Mask is that it has an easy, simple and smooth control mechanism, and despite this, it requires a lot of accuracy, challenges and upgrading the level of skills in order to enter the professional and more difficult challenges, as the main character will move automatically and everything What you have to do is select the directions by swiping in a lot of different directions of the game path on the phone screen

The Tomb of Mask game requires players to use their reflexes quickly in order to control the character to go as fast as possible, because the flood waters flood the tomb at a terrifying speed, and if you accidentally touch the water, the game ends and you lose the challenge, and then start over again.

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Characteristics of the game Tomb of the Mask for Android

There are a lot of entertaining games that are on the same chord, but the developers of the game Tomb of the Mask made sure to do a lot of updates and differences on its latest versions in order to distinguish it from the rest of the other games and also provide the best enjoyable gaming experience for users, and among the most important features of the new game are the following :

Lots of challenges

Not only is the Tomb of the Mask game full of flood waters that flood the entire stage, but there are plenty of other obstacles and challenges that players have to deal with.

Among those obstacles are “carpets, bats, cannons, poisonous blowfish, and upper nose shots from all sides” and other forms whose primary goal is to distract the game and defeat you in any way.

Dealing with obstacles quickly

There is no other way in the Tomb of Mask game that enables you to deal with these obstacles in the way that you imagine or expect, but all that can be done is to train fully in the speed of reaction and act with extreme precision

In addition, there will be a lot of items whose primary role is to provide support, such as freezing enemies and collecting all points and coins

Lots of rewards and gold coins

Along the maze of the game Tomb of the Mask your task is to eat and collect gold coins and therefore you must continue to play at full capacity while training in the speed of reactions to collect as much as possible of those coins

And then use it in many internal options such as upgrading the level of skills and also obtaining many other challenges that help you reach the leaderboard.

Precision and smoothness

Tomb of Mask for Android game features accuracy and agility along with many crucial factors that help players win

This is because the game features a pixel style design that is responsible for speeding up the pace of the game along with some simple on-screen controls that are easily accessible.

Secret places

The Tomb of the Mask game has a lot of secret bunkers and vaults that include a lot of interesting things inside, and therefore it is necessary to continue playing a lot, accessing these bunkers and collecting what is inside them.

How to play Tomb of the Mask for Android?

The gameplay is very easy and fun, after entering the Tomb of Mask, every little yellow will appear in front of you on the screen, and he is the main character in the game and is located inside a giant maze

You can control that character by swiping your fingers on the phone screen with some additional movements that enable you to reach the end of the path and with just one click with the ability to slide up and down or left and right on the screen and only in this way can the game character move continuously up.

The purpose of the game is to keep moving up while avoiding being killed by some indoor obstacles, and also avoiding being drowned in the rising flood waters that soon fills the maze.

Therefore, you must think about each step before taking it, and also possess the speed of your reactions in order to control the labyrinth arena

Features of downloading the Tomb of the Mask game for Android

  • It comes completely free of charge, and you can download the Tomb of the Mask game for Android through the links on our website apkxi
  • The game has many different and unique challenges in order to provide a distinct gaming environment for all players
  • There are a lot of animations and sound effects that help the gameplay without getting bored

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