Truck Simulator USA Evolution

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Truck Simulator USA Evolution

5.7.0 Android 4.4 and later
evaluation 7 | 3.6
It is one of the best truck driving simulation games on various roads across America.

Truck Simulator USA Evolution for Android enables you to drive in all the places in America by enjoying all the wonderful roads in it, as well as experimenting with different designs of trucks, and enjoying different driving.

You can easily try the game, Truck Simulator USA Evolution, for Android, it is one of the most beautiful truck games that you can play on your phone, when you drive the truck, you imagine yourself as if you are actually driving the truck, and also this game will teach you how to drive the truck and how the truck driver performs The tasks required of him, and the truck driving game is loved by millions from all over the country, so do not hesitate and download it immediately.

Truck simulator USA Evolution

Truck driving game is one of the games that has many features inside it and there is no other similar game, if you are a fan of truck driving and its heavy hard work, you should download the Truck simulator usa evolution game, this game lies in the work of driving the huge heavy truck on the highway, And you have to pick up all the trailers carrying goods and commodities, and deliver them to their parking stations in the other countries, and indeed all these tasks are performed by the real truck driver on the ground, and that is why I called this game a simulation of the real reality of driving gigantic mega trucks.

When you play Truck Simulator, drive fast and heavy trucks, you will have to drive this truck as if you were in reality, notice the traffic lights, and implement all the required signs in front of you on the road, for these reasons, this game is really a simulation of reality to a very large extent, so let’s download it and enjoy playing it with you and your friends And activate the spirit of competition between you, and make yourself one of the owners of real trucks, because these types of truck driving are not easy at all, as this game will teach you to drive them, and by focusing on all the details of driving, you can actually experience driving in real trucks.

Download Truck simulator USA Evolution for Android

The truck driving game is done by using the main button located at the bottom of the screen, which is a command-shaped button that allows the truck to move left and right, in addition to a set of buttons at the bottom that drive the truck with fuel to move, and the stop button, and there are also some other buttons to operate Radio, window lock, A/C start and unlock button, front and rear light operation while driving the truck in dark places and at night.

Truck simulator game, its size is very large, after downloading it reaches two gigabytes, and this game has won the admiration of more than tens of millions, and many have downloaded it, and this confirms the strength of its popularity and progress all over the world, and this game has received ratings and stars that have reached five Stars of the players who tried it, downloading the truck game is very easy from the Google Play Store, and this game is always being updated and renewed and work to fix any consequences and problems that players face.

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Features of the game Truck simulator USA Evolution latest version

  • The truck game is free and does not require any payment fees when downloading it, and it can be downloaded through the Google Play Store.
  • It is not required to run the Internet when playing it, it can be played without the net.
  • You need to free up plenty of space on your phone, at least four gigabytes (GB) or more, and a phone with Android operating system or later.
  • The truck game is distinguished by choosing your favorite truck from among many trucks and very beautiful and wonderful shapes.
  • Inside the truck is a map illustrating the places and cities to go to just like in real life trucks.
  • It is distinguished by its powerful graphics and graphics in design that make you drive the truck on the ground.
  • It develops in levels and has great movement speed and is characterized by giving gifts and prizes to be used in the next levels.

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