Type Wise Custom Keyboard

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Type Wise Custom Keyboard

4.0.73 Android 4.4 and later
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This app contains a very cool text keyboard.

Type Wise Custom Keyboard for Android This mighty app is one of the most popular keyboard apps. It is world-famous and used by many people all over the world because it contains features that are not found in any similar application, it corrects wrong words and improves the quality of writing for people who are weak in reading as it reduces spelling errors when writing, and it is very fast in writing It supports many different languages ​​that you can add to the keyboard and switch between one language and another. The keyboard of this application is also distinguished by its large size, as it is suitable for people with low vision, as it is really an ideal keyboard application that has no similarities.

Type Wise Custom Keyboard app for Android

The Type Wise Custom Keyboard application is a keyboard application that makes you unique in writing, as it reduces the spelling errors you have, by correcting the word before sending it, and it is also distinguished by the speed of writing and seeing the letters clearly, because the keyboard designated for it is large in size and there is an appropriate distance between the letter and the other so that it does not stick Speak to each other while writing, and this application is characterized by customizing its keyboard in any way you want, as it includes many features such as the presence of many different languages ​​that can be chosen and switched between them from the keyboard, and it also contains a panel for modern emojis that are different from any symbols I’ve seen it before.

Inside the keyboard application, there are many wonderful and different features, as it depends on many backgrounds that can be switched between them and choose what suits you and suits your vision, and also there are fonts for texts of different sizes inside it, and this panel is also characterized by the presence of a typewriter that can be relied upon to write texts It also depends on all the punctuation marks that you need in writing texts, as it is really a perfect keyboard and different from any keyboard you used before.

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This application is a keyboard application that helps you reduce spelling errors, as it is internationally accredited after trying it on many wrong words. He worked on correcting it with ease, as it makes all people write without spelling errors. And you write articles or research on the Document application or on Word, as it facilitates writing by 70% and without any spelling errors at all.

This application also works on the existence of various gestures such as dragging the letter to the left when deleting it or pressing it to enlarge, and there is also in this keyboard automatic correction instead of manual correction and annoyance with this matter, and this keyboard also helps you to write a perfect sentence in which there is no Errors and installed correctly, and the Type Wise Custom Keyboard supports many different languages ​​that can be easily switched between from within the keyboard.

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Features of the latest Type Wise Custom Keyboard app

  • This application is completely free and does not require any subscription fees when downloading.
  • Type Wise Custom Keyboard app typing in multiple languages ​​without switching
  • This panel features spelling error correction and handwriting speed.
  • You can choose to vibrate when typing and set the degree of vibration you want.
  • You can easily change the font size from the keyboard and choose the font that suits you best.
  • This panel is large in size and designed to reduce spelling errors.

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