Walkie Talkie

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Walkie Talkie

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This application enables you to communicate with your friends through wireless professionally.

If you want to convert your phone into a wireless device, you can download the Walkie Talkie application for Android to help you provide the network in places where there is no coverage of some mobile networks, as it is one of the best applications that convert the phone into a wireless device in a very easy way and with the highest sound quality without the need To a subscription, or using a password, with just one click, they can turn your phone into a wireless device that you can use to talk, image and sound, with your friends.

Walkie Talkie app for Android

A professional online radio application includes a set of public channels that allow all users to assign themselves a specific channel that they use to talk to their friends after asking their friends who use the same application to tune the application to a specific channel; So they can chat with each other, in addition to that the application contains all the sound effects.

Users of the application can select a code consisting of 20 characters by using the PRIVATE button, and they can share this code with a group of their friends and create their own network that they can communicate with each other through this network, so all friends who have that code can exchange contact with each other in a very easy way, and the application contains a system that scans all channels; So that users can search in all available channels and know if someone is talking on any channel or not, in addition to that the application enables users to send text messages to anyone in the group, or all people within the group, in addition to that you can get friends Renew through this application from all over the world.

Download Walkie Talkie app for Android

You can download the application easily by using the direct link below, after clicking on the link, you will go to the application directly, after which you must press the download button and wait for a while until the download is completed, then after that the application is installed on the phone, and the application needs some Things until it is successfully activated on the phone, are as follows:

  • The application requests access to the camera and microphone; Even you can record the sound after pressing the PTt button.
  • After allowing access to the camera, you can capture all videos; So you can do video chats, but video chat is not allowed in public channels.
  • The app asks for your phone’s serial number and some information about the device; Until authentication takes place between the user and the application.

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Features of a professional wireless application over the Internet, the latest version

A professional wireless application via the Internet is distinguished by many advantages that made many people accept to download the application, and the most important of these features are the following:

  • One of the most important features of the application is that it is free and does not impose any fees or sums of money on you when downloading it.
  • The application is characterized by a very easy user interface that anyone can deal with the application from the first time without facing any problems.
  • The application does not need to create an account or use a password during use.
  • The application enables you to convert your phone into a wireless device in a very easy way.
  • The application provides you with the ability to conduct audio conversations with the highest quality, in addition to helping you to conduct video chats.
  • The application provides you with a system that scans all channels, and thus helps all users to search all available channels.

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