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0.1.9 Android 4.4 and newer
evaluation 100 | 3.5
A 3D first person shooter game, it has a lot of modes and battles to play.

WarStrike One of the latest real and advanced war and sniper games of this year, which is now available for free for Android phones, with a new era of combating terrorism, which has become close enough to entering and controlling private property and al-Qaeda camps.

So this game is a 3D first-person shooter game, it has a lot of modes and battles to play which gives a variety of experience to the player to reach the best levels. It also contains a game WarStrike This shooter also has high-quality graphics, and therefore you must train well in a lot of different weapons, such as grenades and modern pistols of various kinds, to repel attacks and combat terrorism.

Download WarStrike for Android for free

As we all know that a game is never complete without good weapons and there are some shooting games that don’t have an option to modify your weapons. But a game WarStrike You can customize your weapons with different types of sights, scopes, barrels and also with different types of weapon bodies or bodies available in the shop, so WarStrike It is just like realistic battlefield when you choose the best weapon for your mission and then start playing the game

The game works fully and does not need to connect to the Internet, where when you enter the game, the game map is completely completed, and then you must collect the required weapons and start developing tight plans and techniques for all your moves, avoiding enemy bullets as much as possible, and then start fighting to the end to win the battle and be you The only winner

You should also make preparations periodically to enter into military forces missions and in real tasks WarStrike In order to shoot enemies from different places, which you can use sniper weapons and at the same time you are free and free to work to end the war from places that are not exposed to everyone, you must learn quickly and work to eliminate all members of mafia gangs and terrorists using modern weapons

Developers work WarStrike To improve the hero of the game and provide him with all the capabilities that require confronting terrorists and thus make users and players around the world very attached to the hero of the battlefield and shooting continuously without stopping and without restrictions on the game and reaching higher and higher levels and challenging all players, and while continuing to play you can earn Lots and lots of money that allows you to buy modern and advanced firearms that make your tasks easier than before

How to play WarStrike

  • Use the rifle and sniper and start shooting the enemy. Use your fingers and touch the screen to control WarStrike, then start moving with the arrow keys on the screen and hold them to turn in different directions for a longer time.
  • Press the fire key to hit the enemy planes, cannons or anti-aircraft guns that appear.
  • You can also use the action keys to move left or right respectively while shooting enemies from long distances.
  • When you get close to the enemy base, hit the switch to drop bombs on ground targets such as guns or buildings near airports if they are not destroyed.
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to control the rise and fall when you have access to fire, but don’t let the enemy shoot at your base! Use strategy and a solid plan to destroy the enemy base.
  • Shooting at the enemy base and places close to it: shooting, fighting with aircraft, launching a raid or setting up an ambush

Features of the game WarStrike for Android

  • The game is completely free for all Android devices
  • The game contains quality animation and graphics, fairy-tale and attractive designs, in addition to the minute details present within the game, which in turn gives a distinctive impression and greatly increases the realism of the game, and prepares the player to enter the war games mode, sniping, and feel enthusiastic and energetic after completing each level
  • Battlefield improvements and the addition of higher, different and advanced levels
  • The speed of control and reaction between the player and the addition of buttons that fit in the palm of the hand is distinctive
  • Develop background sounds that work with all movements and add 3D sounds to simulate reality
  • game contains WarStrike Weapons of all kinds like rifles, grenades, and machine guns help end the battle entirely in your favour
  • The game works without the need for the Internet, so you can spend a lot of time without getting bored
  • Multiple tasks and levels, from easy to difficult, in addition to frequent updates and the addition of many maps on an ongoing basis
  • Update all the contents of the game only when connected to the Internet, and then start playing again

If you are a fan of shooting, shooting and adventure games, WarStrike is one of the most important games that must be available on your device now, and you can download it with a direct link through the download links on the website apkxi upstairs

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