Wildshade: fantasy horse races

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Wildshade: fantasy horse races

1.85.0 Android 7.0 and newer
evaluation 23 | 2.9
Horse racing game

Wildshade: fantasy horse races is the best horse racing game for Android developed by Tivola, which has provided a lot of horse racing and jumping games and many wonderful adventures that you can experience in addition to many other exclusive games only on the site apkxi

Now within the game Wildshade: fantasy horse races, you can raise your dream horse with more than 40 million options available to you, through which you can prepare your horse to the racing track and start proving to all players that you are the best among the racers and win magical horse races in a world full of many adventures that Countless

Wildshade: fantasy horse races game story

Near the wild village a long time ago something magical happened and a rainbow appeared in the sky and this is a sign that the wild horses of the Wild Shield are back again, but no one knows where they came from or where they are going but one thing they know for sure is that the horses were Proud and deserving of respect for her appearance

Then, with time, all the horses gather for a special race, and each contestant must choose his own horse and his favorite. Then when you fold the horse, he feels complete freedom inside the track, and he does everything in his power to reach the first contestants and win over them all.

Then, with the passage of time, the village and the surrounding area caught fire, and the fire was unstoppable, but the wild horses did not return again. Everything was returned in the village, whether the people or the special scenes, but there was no sign of the horses returning.

Then, people in the village held a lot of horse races, especially in memory of those beautiful wild animals, just in order to try to restore those magical moments from the past, and then enter into a lot of races, which start shortly after entering the track arena.

Now you have to know the full story about the game Wildshade: fantasy horse races, which you must try immediately and enter into many countless races in addition to various races, whether by wild horses or magical horses, which give an unparalleled view during the game.

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Wildshade game features: fantasy horse races

In terms of races and missions

Wildshade horse races game contains a lot of new worlds that are waiting for you to discover, where you can learn a lot of horse racing skills as well as enhance your special abilities and various skills to explore the worlds and many more and enter into unparalleled challenges and win them all.

In terms of horse breeding

Now within the game Wildshade: fantasy horse races you can generate your ideal horse with a wide range of options, in addition to that each horse has its own variety and each horse is unique

Your horse can be configured within fantasy horse races with many different options, whether it is determining the saddle, bridle, blanket, hairstyle or hair color, in addition to providing a lot of equipment and tools that you need during the races

In terms of riding horses and rider

Wildshade: fantasy horse races game enables you to choose your own appearance and give you a custom name for you, in addition to providing a lot of different characters that are available to you and you can get them now and race with them

Wildshade game features: fantasy horse races

Wildshade horse races has a lot of advantages in which it excels in other special games that are at the same level, and this is due to it because it has many countless features such as:

  • Now you can feel the excitement, thunder, different weather and other internal details that appear at the start of the game, thanks to the animations that the developer worked on in the new versions, in addition to the fact that the races have cinematic characteristics and extensive commentary on the races
  • Each horse in Wildshade horse races is unique and has great looks, magic, characteristics and a lot of detailed stats that appear when you start playing.
  • There are countless races and challenges, in addition to the prizes and financial rewards that you get when completing the task properly.
  • Wildshade: fantasy horse races is completely free to play in addition to giving you more opportunity to control the horse’s physical strength, jumping and avoiding obstacles.

What are you waiting for now? You should download the game Wildshade: fantasy horse races and start the magical and wonderful horse race in all distinctive and free shapes and colors, drive legendary roads around the world, acquire more skills, start making friends, enter many challenges, climb the game leaderboard and win them all

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