XS Camera: Background recording

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XS Camera: Background recording

2.0.4 Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to record a video in the background without showing anyone that you are recording a video.

XS Camera: Background Recording for Android This wonderful application works to photograph everything that is going on around you without anyone noticing that you are trying to photograph. It detects that you are filming anything. It is a safe application for boys and girls that can reveal any crime that occurs that you see anywhere. It makes us imagine this crime without anyone paying attention to us until we have evidence of these crimes such as theft or harassment crimes that occur in the street or public transportation. It is indeed a useful app that should be on all phones.

XS Camera: background recording for Android

This distinctive application is the first application that works on shooting a mini-video with the back camera without turning on the phone and even without displaying the video on the phone screen when filming. It works on shooting this video in the background of the phone so that no one sees that we are shooting a video, and we can turn off the phone screen when Photography so that no one notices us. It is a wonderful application that features many features that benefit young men and women when committing any crime, whether it is a crime of theft, harassment in the street or means of transportation. This application can be used immediately and photographed directly.

This application can be launched by pressing only one button, as it is always present in the background so that it is ready and fast to shoot at any time you want, you can shoot a video through the back camera by clicking on the background of the application, and it works on shooting directly and there are many features inside it And settings to suit each person, you can customize it to suit your needs so that it is always ready with you.

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This security application records a video in the background of the phone without showing it on the phone screen so that no one can see it. It records a video with the back camera of the phone in a hidden way. This video can also be recorded while the phone screen is closed so that anyone can record a video without seeing it. Anyone anywhere, and also this application supports many different languages, and all these features are provided in a 100% free way. There are no payment fees or huge amounts.

This application should be on all phones because you will need it in any of the critical situations that you face in your daily life, whether it is on the street or in public transportation, and a situation such as harassment and theft may happen to you or anyone else. You must have evidence for this. The matter, this application helps you to photograph this situation so that you have evidence and provide it.

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XS Camera features: Background recording latest version

  • This is a completely secure mobile application that is trusted worldwide and supports many different languages.
  • This application is 100% free and does not require any monthly subscription or payment fees upon download.
  • You can record an unlimited number of videos inside this application.
  • It does not specify a specific duration or time for video recording.
  • The video works in HD.
  • The video can be recorded with or without sound, depending on what each person needs.
  • You can record with or without flash.
  • This app plays the video after the screen is locked.

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