33 million people are affected, what do you do?

Data of 33 million people was hacked. Among the items stolen after this leak are Social Security numbers. What to do? The CNIL tells us everything.

CNIL Social Security Biometric Card HackCNIL Social Security Biometric Card Hack
  • Viamedis and Amerys were hacked, and 33 million people were affected
  • Among the stolen items were Social Security numbers
  • The CNIL gives its indications about what reaction should occur

It is a real catastrophe affecting 33 million people. The National Commission for Information Technologies and Liberties (CNIL) tells us that Viamedis and Amerys were hacked. a result ? Highly sensitive data ends up in the hands of hackers, Here are which ones and what they do.

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Compromised companies will notify you individually

This is news that the French could have done without at the beginning of 2024. In February, the Viamedis and Almerys websites were hacked. These are the companies responsible for managing third-party payments for supplemental health insurance. 33 million people had their data stolen by hackers. The CNIL indicates on its website the stolen items:

  • name
  • civil status
  • date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Contract guarantees

Fortunately, some data It wouldn't have been stolen By hacker:

  • Banking information
  • Medical data
  • Health compensation
  • the address
  • phone number
  • E-mail address

The CNIL still speaks in the subjunctive mood, stating that these elements “You will not be affected“Through hacking. Unfortunately, the Commission cannot tell you directly whether you have been hacked or not. We will have to wait for Viamedis and Almerys to inform everyone, individually, within the framework of the GDPR. The CNIL specifies that “He will ensure that this is done as quickly as possible".

Be careful when placing orders in the face of this widespread hack

CNIL also has many recommendations if you are a client of these companies. The first is to take care of health reimbursement requests. Maybe From a very advanced phishing attempt From your own data. The Commission also requests that you regularly check your banking transactions, just in case.

It is good to note that the information was stolen can intersect With others who were in previous leaks. This allows hackers to carry out more precisely targeted attacks.

Since this is a large-scale hack, the CNIL is committed to this For a very quick investigation To find out whether the security and response of Viamedis and Amerys are adequate in relation to the GDPR.

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