Charging your electric car at home is three times cheaper than filling it with gasoline

Do you have an electric car or are you thinking about buying one? Wondering how much it costs to charge it at home? According to one study, it is the cheapest method even with high electricity prices.

Home shipping price
Home charging, good plan?

The electric vehicle is often presented as an environmental and economical solution. But with The new rise in electricity pricesIs this still an issue? According to a study by terminal manufacturer Qovoltis published on Thursday, the answer is yes, provided you recharge your car at home.

Home shipping is still interesting

Kovoltis compared the cost of charging at home to the cost of filling up with gasoline, for example A car consumes 18 kilowatt-hours per 100 kilometerssuch as the compact SUV Mercedes EQB or Volvo XC40.

The result is clear: to regain 100 kilometers of autonomy, you have to pay €2.50 in “off-peak” hours. (Premium rates but limited to a few hours a night on some selected contracts) and approx €3.70 outside peak times (More common in consumer subscriptions). If you don't pay attention to the shipping time, it will cost you 5.30 euros.

These prices are much lower than the rates for express charging on the motorway, which costs 10.60 euros per 100 kilometres, according to Covoltis' calculations. This is despite the two increases in electricity prices that occurred in August and February 1. A year ago, in February 2023, recharging at home cost 75 cents less outside peak hours (€2.97 per 100km).

Average cost of home shipping (to summarize):

  • Outside peak hours: €2.50 for 100 km
  • Outside peak hours: €3.70 for 100 km
  • Peak hours: €5.30 for 100 km
Ionic charging stations
IONITY Charging Stations © IONITY

Savings of €13,000 over 10 years

Charging at home is also available Cheaper than filling up with gas. According to figures from the Ministry of the Environment, filling up with 95 E10 unleaded fuel over 100 km costs €9.80, or three times the cost of recharging at home.

" Over the life of the car (for 10 years of ownership), bearing the cost of the main station and recharging, the motorist will save 13,000 euros. », Estimates of Ehsan Emami, founder of Qovoltis.

To further improve your bill, you should Look at your daily mileage And wait to recharge over a fairly complete cycle, advises Clement Moleson, general secretary of Avere, an association that promotes electric cars. Also recommended Prefer outside peak hours And To consider more dynamic displaysif this subscription corresponds to its use.

A small home station can maximize the charge during this period of a few hours in the middle of the night, restoring at least 80% of the charge. As long as you program it via the car control app.

  • Charging your electric car at home is almost three times cheaper than filling it with gasoline, according to a study by Covoltis.
  • It's also cheaper than recharging on the highway, despite increases in electricity prices.
  • To optimize your bill, you should choose your subscription, charging time, and base station carefully.

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