Do anti-piracy campaigns succeed? These results are surprising

With millions invested in campaigns against illegal downloading, is this method effective? The researchers conducted the survey with surprising results, at least for men.

Pirate campaigns for illegal downloading via iptv
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  • Researchers conducted a study to see if anti-piracy campaigns are effective
  • Men exposed to these campaigns showed a 30% increase in their desire to download
  • As for women, it is the opposite with a decrease rate ranging between 15 and 20%.

Piracy is growing over time The year 2023 represents an explosion in this practice. The authorities are doing their best to curb illegal downloading and Some ISPs like Orange Belgium are considering attacking internet users who are hacking. But is the fight really effective? The study focuses on For psychological reactions In the face of anti-download campaigns.

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Are anti-piracy campaigns effective?

The question arises in the face of the efforts made by rights holders to prevent piracy. Over the decades, campaigns to stop illegal downloading have multiplied, and authors always report success in their communication, inevitably. The study conducted by researchers includes On the reaction of individuals In the face of these attempts to limit this practice.

In social psychology, a reaction is a psychological defense mechanism implemented by an individual Who tries to maintain his freedom of action when he believes it is repressed or threatened. It may be important when he feels led to believe or do something, in which case to stop the illegal download.

The researchers used the principle of reactance, with men and women, on the basis regarding their intention to download illegally and their position on this practice. Participants were presented with three campaigns while one group did not serve as a control group:

But what are the results of this study? Here they are and they are very surprising for men:

  • The Get It Right campaign isn't working, participants They have no desire not to be hacked Their reaction remains the same, men and women
  • The Crimestoppers campaign had mixed results. Men are More suitable for illegal downloading (+30%) But the opposite is true for women From a drop (Between 15 and 20%) of their desire to penetrate.

Illegal downloading continues to grow

For several years, piracy has increased in the face of multiple offers. To see such content, you must subscribe to this platform etc. The same applies to sporting events, the rights to which are distributed here and there, resulting in a huge bill at the end of the year for watching your favorite competitions. A previous study suggested that rights holders To provide better choices to consumersAs happened with music streaming, instead of adopting suppression as the only strategy.

Obviously, Internet users bear their responsibility and illegal downloading remains a completely illegal practice that results in rights holders losing their money. It's not just multinational companies suffering, whether small film distributors or independent game developers Also affected. These brittle structures are less solid than agglomerates.

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