Harry Potter: The Series is official, launch date, solid, story, and all details about the brand new model

Harry Potter series HBO JK Rowling Max Harry Potter series HBO JK Rowling Max

All over the world, many readers fortunately turned the pages of the Harry Potter books, fascinated by the enchanting plot created by J. Ok. Rowling. This was additionally dropped at the large display in a cinematic saga that has now turn into a cult. After a few years, the fantasy saga will reinvent itself in a brand new kind.

after Fantastic beasts And launch the play Harry Potter and the cursed Child, The franchise will probably be invited for the primary time to the small display via a sequence. Which will as soon as once more adapt Harry Potter's adventures, from the looks of his scar to his last confrontation with Voldemort. Warner will search to persuade purists of the saga whereas attracting new followers.

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📅When is the Harry Potter sequence launched?

David Zaslav, president of Warner Bros. The discovery has lastly prolonged to beans. The commander confirmed this The Harry Potter sequence will debut in 2026. Barring unexpected circumstances, the primary season will air two years later. “We can't wait to share a decade of new stories with fans around the world on Max“Trust the big boss.

📺 Where can we watch the Harry Potter series?

Not surprisingly, the series Harry Potter It will be broadcast on the above, The new platform that integrates HBO Max and Discovery+. This was launched on May 23 in the US and It should arrive in France in the summer of 2024according to Variety.

What will be the story of the Harry Potter series?

If you've never heard of the famous bespectacled magician, Here is a brief summary of the plot :

A powerful dark wizard named Lord Voldemort is trying to take over the wizarding world. He kills and spreads his dark ideals with his Death Eater followers. A prophecy drives him to eliminate the young boy, Harry Potter, who will be the only one capable of defeating him. He kills his parents and places a killing curse on the child. But the spell bounced off his forehead, turning on the Dark Lord, who fled, greatly weakened.

10 years later, Harry returns to Hogwarts where he learns the basics of magic with his new friends Ron and Hermione. As they progress through school, evil will eventually envelope the wizarding world once again, motivating young school children to work for good.

Image 1: Harry Potter: The Series is official, release date, cast, story, and all information about the new versionImage 1: Harry Potter: The Series is official, release date, cast, story, and all information about the new version

Thanks to the TV format, some of the details cut in the films will hopefully be remedied. Some fans particularly want the series to develop the history of the Marauders and the relationships between Sirius, James, Lupin and Pettigrew. Others hope that the series will show Hermione's fight to free the house elves from slavery. It would also be interesting to learn more about Tom Riddle's youth and his fall into darkness.

While construction has barely begun, Executive producer David Heyman is also counting on a more in-depth adaptation of the action“I hope it will be something very special that will give us the opportunity to enjoy a series that explores the books in greater depth.”. At the start of 2024, The recruitment course of for screenwriters has intensified. Several candidates at present stand out:

  • Martha Hiller (The final kingdom)
  • Kathleen Jordan (Teen bounty hunters)
  • Michael Leslie (The Hunger Games: Song of the Serpent and the Songbird)
  • Tom Moran (Devil's hour)
  • Francesca Gardiner (Caliphate, His Dark Materials: At the Crossroads of Worlds)

A second spherical of recruitment will probably be organized quickly within the UK. Note that it is attainable Warner will herald a number of screenwriters for the venture, in keeping with Deadline.

📅How a few years will the Harry Potter sequence be broadcast?

Warner intends to completely set up itself on the small display with its reboot. The sequence will probably be broadcast over a interval of 10 years.. As within the period of movies, lots of the younger spectators will develop up similtaneously the heroes, which can make their identification stronger.

Through its sequence, the studio intends to draw newcomers to the sequence. “Each season will be authentic to the original books, bringing Harry Potter and his incredible adventures to new audiences around the world.”“Warner explains.

💰What will be the budget of the Harry Potter series?

The studio will do everything in its power to bring the magical world to our screens. HBO president Casey Bloys promised that the budget for the first season would be at least equivalent to that of the series' first season. Dragon House (Or about $125 million). “Everything you need to deliver a high-quality presentation,” The supervisor confirms.

🎬 Will the unique solid return to the Harry Potter sequence?

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint performed Harry, Hermione and Ron within the eight movies of the saga, rising up similtaneously their characters. But Warner must solid new actors for the sequence, as the long-lasting actors are not sufficiently old to return to Hogwarts.

When requested concerning the potential involvement, Daniel Radcliffe was very clear in his ComicBook columns: “They're really trying to start from scratch and I'm sure they want to leave their mark. They're certainly not trying to find a way to do so'Include a cameo from Old Harry". The actor confirms that he is not looking forward to participating in the series. “Obviously I wish them all the luck in the world and I can't wait to pass the torch. But I doubt they'll need me to do it physically.

The Phelps twins, who played the Weasley twins, also have the idea of ​​returning to the franchise. But in the shoes of other characters: “We don't really look like high school kids anymore", they explain to New York Post.

Reboot of the Harry Potter film series on HBO WarnerReboot of the Harry Potter film series on HBO Warner

As was the case at the time, many British kids would rush to casting to try to get a role. According to the magazine times, a search for good profiles has begun but castings will not begin until 2024. According to film critic Jeff Snyder, the production will seek to assemble a more diverse cast; A black actress could particularly take on the role of Hermione as in Harry Potter and the cursed Child.

⚠️ Why is the Harry Potter series controversial?

Series advertisement Harry Potter He didn't just make people happy. This is why some Potters are so upset:

  • redundant : The cinematic saga and its actors make up a very successful group. Thus, producing a series that tells the same story is seen by some fans as sacrilegious or at least a futile project given that the work has already been done so brilliantly.
  • New from old : The world of Harry Potter is rich and the possibilities for overarching plots are abundant. Some Potters would have preferred for the series to take up another part of the lore (like the story of the Hogwarts founders for example) rather than develop a plot that had already been told at length in the books and films.
  • JK Rowling's shadow: Accused of transphobia, the iconic author will be at the heart of the series' production. This displeases her critics, who intend to boycott the series. The writer quickly responded to them with a sarcastic tweet: Explaining that she had already prepared a large stock of champagne.

🏰 Will the Harry Potter series use the music and settings of the films?

To tease the start of the series, Warner shared a short video. We can hear the symbolic theme of the cinematic epic, Hogwarts appear in the background. Will the series bring back the music and decor of the castle? Or, on the contrary, will it start from scratch in order to stand out from the famous films?

The teaser revealed doesn't necessarily clarify the direction Warner and HBO will take, which are still feeling their way. “What we showed on the screen was nothing but an explanation of the story and its richness; It does not necessarily represent what we plan to implement and how we plan to do it.”“, explains Pato Spagnoletto, Director of International Marketing for Warner Bros. Discovery.


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