He buys a small electric car, and his city costs him dearly

Do you have an electric car and live in Lyon? Be careful, you risk paying more to get to the recycling center. This is what happened to Sebastian, a resident of Weizin, who found himself having to pay because his utility vehicle weighed 10 kg more than the permissible limit.

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Sebastian is a handyman who maintains his house and garden himself. So he often goes to the recycling center in his small car. A year ago, it decided to replace its diesel model with an electric model, which is more environmentally friendly. But he did not expect this choice to cost him dearly, according to what our colleagues at RMC.

Lyon: The changing engineering environment of the municipality

In fact, in Greater Lyon, entrance fees to recycling centers are calculated based on the weight of the vehicle. However, electric vehicles, due to their battery, are heavier than thermal vehicles. a result : Sebastian must pay 40 euros every time he passesWhile it was previously free.

Sebastian does not understand this logic, which conflicts with the municipality's environmental policy. " The Green Mayor encourages people to change vehicles, drive less and pollute less. Hence my lack of understanding about charging a fee for an electric car, while the same diesel or petrol car will not be charged for passing », trusts RMC.

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Sebastian is not the only one in this situation. Other motorists with electric cars have complained about this situation. But the city of Lyon It does not intend to change its regulationswhich has already been adapted for the benefit of electrical appliances.

In fact, thermal vehicles are entitled to free entry of up to 2 tons, compared to 2.4 tons for electric cars. The problem is that Sebastian Berlingo This limit exceeds 10 kilograms only. Therefore, this will be an “isolated case,” according to the city, which claims to have received very few complaints about this matter.

Likewise, Lyon is not the only city to penalize electric cars that are too heavy. in Lyon, Parking is also more expensive for heavy vehicles. In Paris, a similar measure will come into effect in September, but only for visitors, not residents.

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