Its release date can finally be given

Star Wars Outlaws will be released on next-gen consoles this year. However, the open-world game does not have an official release date yet. While it was expected to be released at the end of the year, it is possible that it will be released early, according to a generally known source.

Star Wars Outlaws

The Star Wars galaxy is ready to be explored. Well aware of this potential, Ubisoft will dedicate an open world game to it, the development of which will be completed soon: Star Wars Outlaws. This game, which promises to be very ambitious, is one of the most anticipated games of the year. At the moment, no specific release date has been revealed, and the publisher simply promised to release it in 2024.

In early January, a post on the Disney Parks blog suggested as much The game will be released at the end of the year. Information that ultimately turned out to be questionable. The text was quickly removed, with a Ubisoft representative explaining to Kotaku that it was simply a mistake. Enough to leave players in the dark. A few days ago, a reliable source in the video game industry came out to provide new information.

When will Star Wars Outlaws be released?

According to journalist Tom Henderson, Star Wars Outlaws It could be launched by June. Ubisoft can “The target is specifically for May.” Although delay cannot be ruled out. The month of May can be preferred because it is the month in which the “The Fourth with You” event is held. Community celebrations which often lead to big announcements about Star Wars franchise. The publisher can therefore take advantage of the event to launch their game into the deep end.

Obviously nothing is set in stone. Despite the seriousness of the source, it does not rule out a delay in ignition. If possible, the game could be released in the second part of 2024. While the timeline remains uncertain, Ubisoft's next communications about the game will be closely scrutinized by impatient fans.

Reminder, Star Wars Outlaws It will be an open world game and its events will take place between the events of Episodes Five and Six. We will play the role of the scoundrel Kai Face, who will explore the galaxy with her companion Nyx. In particular, she will be asked to carry out various tasks assigned by crime gangs. combat and ship command, Exploring the planets on the back of an accelerator...Here's an overview the way of playing Which will be released on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC:

  • Star Wars Outlaws will be released this year.
  • The Ubisoft game could be released next May according to Tom Henderson.
  • But insiders do not rule out a delay.

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