Tekken 8: The large replace is right here, and the cheaters are lastly being punished

Tekken 8 update cheatsTekken 8 update cheats
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Fighting recreation followers have in all probability been enjoying Tekken 8 for hours since its launch on January 25. After the discharge of Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1 final yr, they've loads to maintain them busy.

Tekken 8, like the opposite two aforementioned releases, was an enormous success each critically and commercially. However, Bandai Namco's recreation nonetheless suffers from small issues that mar the expertise, most notably cheaters. Tekken 8 new replaceIn addition to offering higher steadiness, Malicious gamers might be punished.

The new Tekken 8 replace will punish cheaters

And if Press and gamers reward Tekken 8The title shouldn't be good but. That's why Bandai Namco organized a reside broadcast final week to speak in regards to the upcoming fixes and additions to its work.

The studio reveals that the arrival of replace 1.02.01 is imminent. You will be capable to obtain it throughout the evening of February 28 to 29 on computer systems and consoles. The patch will lastly impose penalties on cheaters – because the neighborhood has been demanding for weeks – however not all.

" High-ranked players who were repeatedly reported and found to be cheaters have been removed from the global leaderboard and their ranks have been reset to 'Beginner'. », we can read on the official website of the game.

On the other hand, Bandai Namco has not specified whether several people who disconnect to avoid defeat during ranked games will also be punished. The disconnection rate for all players, even cheaters, always shows 0%Which does not allow honest people to refuse conciliation. Unfortunately, we'll definitely have to wait for the studio to act on that point.

The update also marks the arrival of the Tekken Shop, a store where you can get additional costumes and items for your characters. It includes free articles and paid articles, the latter of which requires it “Tekken Coins” to purchase with real money to be collected.

Obviously, the patch also brings several balancing fixes to Tekken 8. Players have been anticipating this The King, considered one of the best characters in the game, has been weakened, but that's not really the caseUnlike Yoshimitsu, Xiaoyu, and Rena. You can find changes related to in-game characters at Tekken 8 official website

Here are the other changes the update brings:

  • The maximum number of consecutive wins offered has increased from 99 to 999
  • In Tekken Ball, fixed an issue where Panda and Leroy could not do a long backward dash
  • During an online match, selecting Rematch while the opponent is leaving the game could sometimes cause the game to become unresponsive for a period of time, but this issue has been fixed
  • Items from the Uniqlo and Tekken collaboration arrive
  • Fixed charged shots that Jin and Leroy could dodge
  • The new Tekken 8 update arrives on the night of February 28th to 29th
  • Cheaters who reach high ranks will be demoted
  • The patch changes the movement characteristics of several characters
  • It also includes the Tekken Shop which offers new customization items.


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