The Sims 5: New options, multiplayer, and all the things we already learn about Project Rene

Sims 5 project reneSims 5 project rene

EA has introduced that it's engaged on The Sims 5 In 2020. We now know that the sport is being developed underneath the codename Project Rene. In EA's official nomenclature, in the mean time it's simply "The new generation of The Sims games“Number Five Doesn't Appear” This new edition will turn the page Sims 4 Which opened nearly ten years ago. Although you will have to be patient, we already have some information about this promising new chapter.

🧐What is The Sims 5 also known as Project Rene?

The Sims 5 was first revealed by Behind the Sims Summit live stream event From 18 October 2022 with Lindsay Pearson as main presenter. For four minutes, the franchise's VP of Creative talked to us about the future of The Sims and what Project Rene means.

With this new sport, Maxis needs to reimagine "The Sims you already know and love with new methods to play","Built on charming Sims gameplay, highly effective devices, and significant talesThis is a gorgeous program.

Lindsay Pearson explains that the identify Renee's mission was chosen "Because it brings to mind words such as renewal, birth, and resurrection“It represents Maxis's renewed commitment to The Sims.”We're ushering in a new future for The Sims, with a new gameplay experience and more", she defined.

📅What is the potential launch date for The Sims 5?

There is not any official launch date for The Sims 5 at the moment. EA tells us on its web site that “The Sims 5 is currently in some stage very Early development“For her part, Lindsay Pearson announced that Renee’s project was revealed.”It marks the start of our journey over the following few years“You will understand, you will have to be patient.

Image 1: The Sims 5: new features, multiplayer, everything we already know about Project ReneImage 1: The Sims 5: new features, multiplayer, everything we already know about Project Rene
Leaked screenshot of The Sims 5

💰How much does The Sims 5 cost?

As suggested in the job offer posted on the Maxis website, The Sims 5 will be free to play at launch. In the job description, Sims 5 It is presented as a "Free admission", with content that can be purchased once within the game. In a “Behind The Sims” video posted on September 12, Maxis confirmed this The Sims 5 can be free to play…nevertheless it's additionally filled with microtransactions.

In truth, the sport already has content material packs and DLC deliberate, though it has not been launched but! Reminder,Sims 4 It's now free to play. Despite the arrival of a sequel, the sport will live on, as Pearson promised. Thus, gamers won't lose all of the content material gathered (and bought) through the years.

🕹️What's new in gameplay in The Sims 5?

The studio needs to take care of the system that has all the time labored, as a result of “This new future requires us to remain true to what The Sims has all the time been", explained the vice president of the franchise. Fans can rest assured that The Sims 5 will not be a hardcore FPS simulation.

On June 28, 2023, The Sims YouTube channel shared more content about the making of The Sims 5 (from 11'17" in video). As we will see, the sport is in prototype state and never in playable beta state. Currently, the crew remains to be exploring new concepts to use to gameplay.

Improve your Sim's habits and considering

This doesn't suggest it should simply be a problem More of the identical. The core gameplay of The Sims provides countless prospects. Hence, Maxis needs to offer the identical expertise whereas doing “Develop the best way these Sims assume and act".

The improvements made will make interactions between Sims more believable. In the June 28 presentation, we can see that the animators depicted several situations in social relations: “Active","negative","Believe", which is able to have an effect on the strategy and habits of the characters. We envision that different conditions can be added to match human conditions as a lot as potential.

Sims 5 project reneSims 5 project rene

More customization in creation in The Sims 5

In addition, Maxis needsPushing instruments even additional when creating and customizing". During the presentation, Lindsay Pearson explained how each part of the furniture can be customized in different ways. On the right of the screen is a very detailed menu that allows you to customize via many options. Thus it will be possible to reflect your desires in decoration down to the smallest details. However, we must hope that the game remains readable, without overwhelming the player with an overwhelming amount of information.

Image 2: The Sims 5: new features, multiplayer, everything we already know about Project ReneImage 2: The Sims 5: new features, multiplayer, everything we already know about Project Rene

More multiplayer and co-op in The Sims 5

In addition, Maxis should too “Explore creative ways to not only tell stories, but also to collaborate on those stories and creations with your closest friends". So, This is multiplayer entry to The Sims, a characteristic that has been requested for a few years. Emphasis can be positioned on the cooperative facet, which can make it potential to construct the shared housing of your goals with your mates.

This multiplayer expertise will happen in a world extra detailed and richer than ever earlier than. In the preview shared on June 28, the builders defined that they have been creating a world the place every Sim has their very own life and customs. Likewise, leaks from alpha testers appear to indicate a a lot denser city world than the Sims' typical sprawling suburbs.

However, the concept wouldn't be to immerse gamers in it "A world full of strangers"", specifies Lindsay Pearson. So don't expect a Maxis-style MMORPG.

Sims 5 leakSims 5 leak

🖥️ What platforms will The Sims 5 be available on?

A feature that would make a lot of sense is the ability to resume your game from one platform to another, with synchronized saving in the cloud. We pray that Maxis reads to us.

Note that The Sims 5 PC model should use Denuvo anti-piracy software program, has been criticized for negatively affecting online game efficiency. This info comes from a Project Rene PC and Android leak, so it ought to be taken with a grain of salt. If EA and Maxis verify that Denuvo is certainly included, a portion of the group will definitely step as much as the plate.


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