High School Alert: Institutions susceptible to assaults after ENT hacking

High School Hack Attack ENT Terrorism
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Today, it's tough for college students and households to manage with out expertise, whether or not to review or evaluate their notes. Just a few weeks in the past, the Ministry of National Education introduced MIA, a man-made intelligence that's supposed to assist highschool college students who're having difficulties.

The different aspect of the coin is that a platform like Digital Workspace (ENT) isn't resistant to cyberattacks. An particular person is at present utilizing a hacked account to stream Alarming terrorist threats.

Many excessive colleges are threatened by terrorist assaults through Digital Workspace (ENT)

Since Wednesday, March 20, highschool college students have been receiving an alarming message of their ear, nostril, and throat (ENT) area. In his e mail, the person threatens to take action Blowing up their college constructing and inflicting bodily hurt to the scholars.

" I put C4 everywhere at school and in the classroom. I hope the bodies of infidels tear you into 1000 pieces, and I will bring my dogs to come and tear you to pieces, you bunch of bastards. », refers to the message word for word according to Le Parisien. It threatens to act between 11am and 3pm on Thursday 21 March. So far, no terrorist acts have been reported in the region.

The email is accompanied by a shocking video of the beheading. Schools ask students not to open the recording and to delete the message Which will be distributed thanks to the hacked student account. The Ministry of Education, contacted by BFMTV, explained that about twenty institutions in the Ile-de-France region were affected by this hack.

Although it is likely a bad prank, authorities are on standby to ensure the safety of students throughout the day. Remember that the threat is of the same type It spread in January 2023, and continues to spread across the digital workspace. " I put C4 in every single place in school and within the classroom “The message acknowledged. It got here from an account that appeared to have been hacked.

  • A letter addressed to highschool college students in Ear, Nose and Throat threatening excessive colleges with terrorist assaults on Thursday, March 21.
  • The e mail comes on the heels of the hacking of round two dozen establishments within the Ile-de-France area
  • The authorities consider it's almost definitely a hoax, however are nonetheless on alert to guard excessive colleges


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