Steam gives households a brand new option to share your video games along with your family members

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the "Family sharing“They died, they lived Steam families ! Video game platform It completely overhauls its functions Share the library. Parental protectionFamily fashion“It is also integrated into this new service, which provides more logical rules for sharing your game library with your loved ones Steam is enough to ensure gaming families' loyalty to the Epic Games Store And its free games.

The rules for sharing your Steam game library are changing

Previously, the rule was that you could play on different devices with the same Steam library, but not at the same time. The feature was simply to bypass Steam Guard and its one-time passwords (OTPs) more easily, but that's about it. So, if a family member plays a game from the same account on another device, you'll be automatically logged out mid-game. Infuriating.

It's no longer just a bad memory: family members can connect to the same shared library and play different games at the same time. Above all, each member of the family group is entitled to their own saves, achievements and mods from the Steam Workshop, for one copy of the game. If family group members have multiple copies ofA game like Helldivers 2they can play them at the same time, without exceeding the number of copies owned.

The process of purchasing toys for children has also been simplified. Instead of having to purchase a gift card to spend, children's accounts will be able to place the desired game in their shopping cart, then have adult accounts in the family group pay. Parents are then notified via email and can then approve and pay for the purchase, for example from a smartphone.

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How do you take advantage of the new Steam Families feature?

  • See you inside Settings
  • Then in user interface
  • Participate in the customer trial
  • finally A home for Bukharian families

Then restart the Steam client as required. This should be followed by downloading the update with the beta version. Then, to create a family, go to the store page, click on your profile, then account details > Family management > Create a family. You can now invite others to join this family group. The end of headaches for many gamer parents.

  • Steam is totally overhauling the Family Sharing performance of its sport library.
  • Family Sharing and Family Mode companies are built-in into Steam Families, which gives all of its options.
  • It is now potential to play completely different video games on the identical time from the identical shared account.


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