Helldivers 2: An enormous patch has simply been revealed, however there isn't any consensus on it

Helldivers 2 update update
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after Patch 01.000.202 which fastened a number of bugsHere we go for a brand new replace of Miscellaneous Hell 2. Long-awaited by the neighborhood, Update 01.000.300 tackles a serious mission: a whole rebalancing of the sport. Weapons, methods, enemies, common gameplay, the whole lot is roofed.

Helldivers 2: Major new options of patch 01.000.300

The replace brings a long-awaited change to Fire harm is now decreased by 15%. Previously, this harm had wreaked havoc on each allies and enemies within the nation This in style co-op shooter is obtainable on PlayStation 5 and PC. This overhaul may make ranges like Bogfire, that are notoriously tough attributable to their fireplace tornadoes, simpler to handle.

On the opposite hand, Armor with a safety index larger than 100 Now we additionally introduce A Head safetyand victory poses are just for gamers extracted from the hunt, thus avoiding stealing glory, in accordance with the terminology Arrowhead makes use of within the patch notes.

When it involves weapons, it is a good suggestion to take a look at the detailed patch notes, however some of the notable is the not too long ago launched RL-77 rocket launcher. that is the final It will not explode when fired close to tips Such as towers and resupply factors, and their proximity radius has been decreased. lastly !

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Players will even get pleasure from new gameplay modifications corresponding to Disable computerized impediment crossing While working, which facilitates motion. A little bit of a sensible novelty, the Helldivers greeting whenever you're 'prepared' earlier than a match (truthfully extra readable than earlier than).

On the opposite hand, you will not like a number of the new options. and what's price to say, The frequency of enemy patrols elevated When lower than 4 gamers take part within the mission. Single missions of excessive issue will now change into notably tough. additionally, The quasar cannon that was nerve Since the reload time will increase by 5 seconds.

But watch out: bullets that bounce off closely armored enemies will now hit the Helldiver who fired them. " Discipline in taking pictures is extremely really useful », warns the arrowhead.

Here are the notes for Helldivers 2 patch 01.000.300


  • Armor with an Armor Rating above 100 now additionally reduces harm from headshots.

  • Victory modes will now solely be performed for previews. (No valuables had been stolen from my ship)

  • Burn harm decreased by 15%

Primary, secondary and help weapons

CB-9 Explosive Crossbow:

  • Slightly smaller explosion

  • Increased dispersion

  • The most variety of magazines has been decreased from 12 to eight

  • Increased the variety of magazines obtained from stock from 6 to eight

  • Slight lower in ergonomics

  • The pace of the cannon elevated

LAS-99 quasar cannon

  • Cooldown elevated by 5 seconds

Provision BR-14

  • Auto mode is now the default launch mode

  • Low recoil

  • Increased the utmost variety of magazines from 6 to eight

  • Increased the variety of magazines obtained from stock from 6 to eight

  • It is now categorized as an assault rifle

LAS-98 laser cannon

  • Damage elevated barely

  • Slightly decreased harm in comparison with bigger objects

Plasma Punisher SG-8P

  • The journal restrict has been decreased from 12 to eight

  • Increased the variety of magazines obtained throughout restocking from 6 to eight

  • Increased projectile pace, however would keep the same vary

  • Reduced ranged harm discount when exploding

  • It is now categorized as an vitality weapon

Blitzer ARC-12

  • Increased pictures per minute from 30 to 45

  • It is now categorized as an vitality weapon

Crusher R-36

  • The most variety of magazines has been decreased from 12 to six

  • Burst harm decreases a bit of sooner

Sickle LAS-16

  • The variety of magazines has been decreased from 6 to three

  • Damage elevated from 300 to 350

  • The most variety of magazines has been decreased from 6 to 4

RS-422 electromagnetic gun

  • Increased armor penetration in secure mode and significant mode

  • A slight lower within the energy of the lightning bolt

MG-101 heavy machine gun

  • Third-person crosshair enabled

63CS Diligence sniper rifle

  • Damage elevated from 128 to 140

  • Improving the work surroundings

  • R-63 Diligence

Damage elevated from 112 to 125

P-19 Redeemer

  • Slight improve in recoil

P-2 Peacemaker

  • Damage elevated from 60 to 75

Senator F-8

  • Damage elevated from 150 to 175

  • Added fast reload when reloading an empty journal

Las-7 Dagger

  • Damage elevated from 150 to 200

AR-19 editor

  • Damage elevated from 55 to 60

AR-23C Concussion Editor

  • Damage elevated from 55 to 65

JAR-5 dominant

  • Damage decreased from 300 to 275

AX/AR-23 guard canine

  • Damage decreased by 30%

RL-77 rocket launcher

  • The Rocket Launcher will not explode when fired close to Stratagems (HMG Turret, Sentinels, Supply Drops) and different Helldivers.

  • Reduced proximity radius


Sentinel A/MG-43 machine gun

  • Health elevated to match different guards

Visit Tesla A/ARC-3

  • Health elevated by 33%

Launch of FAF-14

  • Added reloading to the reloading section after disposing of a spent missile

RL-77 rocket launcher

  • See adjustments above


  • The pace of the spit's motion decreased barely

  • Structure: The pressure required for them to stagger has elevated barely

  • Direct harm taken by Hulk's outfitted Flamethrower has been decreased by 20%.

  • Damaging fee of fireplace barely elevated (normal mannequin solely)

  • The lateral motion of fight helicopters has elevated barely

  • Walker pilots are actually much less susceptible to explosions

  • The well being and protect of Mist Generators have been elevated.

  • Ship mills now have a a lot decrease cap on the variety of ships that may be lively at one time.

Enemy patrols

  • League spawns have been elevated when there are lower than 4 gamers. The fewer gamers, the larger the change. As for the four-player missions, there will probably be no change from earlier than. The most notable change will probably be for single gamers with greater issue.

Helldefers 2 recreation

  • Minor stage enhancements to how places are distributed on the hunt map. This ought to enhance the gap distinction between targets, and targets in all probability will not seem as far other than one another as earlier than.

  • A setting has been added to the Options part of the sport menus to disable computerized climbing and leaping whereas working.

  • The Spread Democracy mission, also called Raise the Flag, can now be performed on greater issue ranges to maximise the unfold of freedom.

  • When making ready, Helldivers now salute to make sure most democratic preparedness.

  • Added planetary quake hazard ambiance to emphasise its severity so Helldivers can reply accordingly.

  • Bullets that bounce off closely armored enemies will now accurately hit the Helldiver who fired them. It is extremely really useful to be disciplined when taking pictures.


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