Helldivers 2: Warbond Detonation provides new weapons and armor, full checklist

Helldivers 2 democrat warbond weapons armor list

  • Warbond: Democratic Explosion arrives April 11

  • Super-Earth troopers could have entry to new weapons and armor to defend democracy

In the face of menace Drones fill the sky with huge cannonsDefenders of democracy should arm themselves. Good information since April 11gamers PS5 And PC's will be capable of get their fingers on it Warbound: Democratic bombing. As the identify suggests, new explosive weapons arrive such because the grenade pistol or the explosive crossbow. But there may be additionally a defend. We current to you the whole checklist.

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What weapons and armor are in Warbond: Democratic Detonation?

Miscellaneous Hell 2 Reveals a trailer for Warbond: Democratic Detonation. An vital clarification, along with the fundamental recreation, will probably be obligatory Super credit You advance within the recreation to reap the benefits of new options when it comes to weapons and different armor. Without additional ado, the checklist of extras ready for you is under.


Helldivers 2 democrat warbond weapons armor list

  • BR-14 Judge's Rifle: An armor-piercing assault rifle efficient in opposition to small teams

  • R-36 Aeroptor rifle: Bolt-operated rifles fireplace jet-assisted shells with bursts in all instructions

  • CB-9 Explosive Crossbow: Powerful explosive bolts that deal excessive injury on direct affect however take gravity into consideration

Secondary weapons and blasters

Helldivers 2 democrat warbond weapons armor list

  • G-123 thermite bomb: It can adhere to surfaces earlier than burning at a temperature of 2000 levels

  • GP-31 grenade gun: A pistol that merely fires grenades

  • Mining Expert Driver Booster: This increase reduces the time it takes for the extraction shuttle to succeed in the extraction beacon


Helldivers 2 democrat warbond weapons armor list

  • CE-27 land sweeper: Medium armor

  • CE-07 Demolition Specialist: Light armor

  • FS-55 Destroyer: Heavy armor

And with all these new options, Super-Earth troopers will be capable of Spreading democracy with massive explosives Encountering warlike creatures. Therefore, we count on new frantic clashes Where the primary armored car was revealed to gamers.

Since its launch, Miscellaneous Hell 2 inside Unexpected successes At the start of 2024 on the online game scene. like Balatro, a rogue card recreation that has turn into an enormous hit world wide. There is little doubt that each will proceed to dwell for a really very long time so long as society exists.


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