Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat

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Sky Warriors: Airplane Combat

2.5.0 Android 7.0 and newer
evaluation 13 | 2.7
One of the action and excitement games and it is the best aircraft war game for Android phones

Sky Warriors is an action and thriller game, and it is the best aircraft war game for Android phones, developed by Wildlife Studios. The game also provides an atmosphere charged with competition, power and war.

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Action and warplanes game directed to those who love action games, PvP, moving planes, and entering into challenges with the best players in the world

As soon as you enter the Sky Warriors game, you will be able to command warplanes and start fighting for a group of conspirators who aim to obtain power with all your strength and the best combat skills that you possess.

New features in Sky Warriors

Sky Warriors has many features and advantages, as follows:

Exciting air battles

By joining the warriors in the game Sky Warriors, players will have the full opportunity to become combat pilots, in addition to carrying out difficult adventures in the sky, where they will have their own plane through which they can participate in the war of protection and counter enemy attacks with friends who are the best players in the world the world

As the adventures in the Sky Warriors game are not entertaining, as you will engage in a lot of difficult air and combat battles at the end, and therefore you must keep your steering wheel carefully because there are a lot of bullets heading towards you from everywhere

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Lots of new events

The Sky Warriors game was built on the basis of actual air war and reality, but in a completely new and modern way, as the game developers worked to provide real physics for combat and driving mechanics that make you unable to close your eyes, even for a moment, due to the many adventures going on around you and the bullets flying at you. From everywhere, so it’s a long and arduous journey, and it requires a lot of patience and a solid plan to win in the end

After opening the Sky Warriors game, you must choose your plane, then your country, and then you will enter the air battle officially, and the game will end when your team finishes all the tasks and eliminates all the enemies, so always make sure to train well in order to win and top the list of the best players

The best model airplane

There are many types of aircraft that have been added in the new version of the Sky Warriors game, as the game is designed on the basis of actual aircraft models, from the basic and external shape to the engine and other internal information.

In addition, the Sky Warriors game also offers a unique set of accessories to help players customize and upgrade their planes with the addition of personal character to them, as the shapes of external planes are usually one of the main factors that give a distinctive character and excitement to players, along with updating the perfect spare parts to change the stats Planes and get to the end and faster

All you need to do now in order to get the new planes is to go directly to the application store, where players can get a close-up view of their planes and see detailed statistics such as durability, firepower, maneuverability, speed, etc., as these statistics affect the player’s advantage In every battle or every challenge he performs, in addition to that it can be upgraded over time to become more and more powerful

The control mechanism has become simpler and easier

When you compare the current version of the Sky Warriors game, you will see that in general, controlling aircraft has become easier and better than before, as the game provides simple control capabilities, including a virtual button on the left of the screen and a shoot button on the right of the screen.

Thus, the player can move the plane left or right or fly forward or backward through the buttons on the screen, besides that they can perform a lot of new positions and professional styles by combining and mixing directions

As for the crossfire button, its only function is to attack, because the game has integrated automatic shooting at the target, and therefore once your plane has focused on the target, all you have to do is just press the fire button to attack and eliminate the enemy, but players need To follow the enemy’s movements closely in order to ensure focus on the correct target, as one shot cannot end the enemy immediately, and therefore you must continue shooting until you eliminate them all

Sky Warriors game features

  • The game is completely free and you can download it from our apkxi website
  • The game comes with graphics at the highest possible level, in addition to a lot of sound and visual effects, and it works automatically when shooting, attacking, etc., which gives the game a distinctive character and adds a lot of excitement and suspense.
  • Adding a lot of warplanes, whether classic or completely new, so you can choose between them as you like
  • The game comes with a small space and is suitable for all devices, even weak devices that run smoothly on it

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